Monday, March 3, 2008

Glad I'm not a Sybil Sage

These past months have been agonizing as I've waffled between supporting Hillary or Obama, who seemingly sense when I'm conflicted and do something to undermine my confidence, which is why I'm eagerly looking forward to end this stage of the campaign. The candidates are holding up far better than I am.

I caught Hillary on Saturday Night Live, was won over by her warmth and wit, her readiness to laugh at herself and only hope Obama doesn't turn up on South Park to further confuse me. I feel pressured to get my one vote right and am grateful not to be a superdelegate.

As if this weren't enough of a struggle, today on AOL, I'm being asked to vote on film clips, as follows:

Which of today's TV's Top 5! clips is your favorite?

Clip 1: Hillary's 'SNL' surprise
Clip 2: Ellen's strong emotions
Clip 3: The stinky contestant
Clip 4: A dream come true
Clip 5: The worst singer ever

Would everyone stop soliciting my vote and leave me alone to figure out which dead Nigerian fortune I should accept.

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