Monday, March 10, 2008

clean, clear water by judi sadowsky

i woke up this morning to hear matt lauer telling me that our nation's water supply has been "contaminated" with all sorts of pharmaceutical drugs that we have been literally flushing down our country's drains each time we pee. this is troubling news for oh, so many reasons, the least of which is, just how well do they clean our water before they recycle it and send it back through our taps? not that anyone ever asked me, but i never thought it was a good idea to recycle toilet water in the first place.

just after matt's cheery report, our local news came on. the headline of that program was that the los angeles department of water and power was planning a rate hike. wait a minute. could this possibly be a coincidence? i think not. i believe, that while i am not normally a conspiracy theorist, the drug and water companies are in cahoots. the drug companies peddle all this medication, on television and in magazines, making it look so attractive to be taking these drugs. we buy the stuff - pee it out and it gets into our water supply. then, the clever water company charges us for it. that's right folks. we in los angeles are soon going to be paying extra for those special doses of anti-biotics, anti-psychotics, vicodan, valium, viagra and god knows what else has been peed into our water.

and to think, that when i was a child all my parents had to worry about was fluoride in our water.

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