Saturday, February 23, 2008

Would you help someone move? How about give a kidney to a stranger? by Sybil Sage

Laura Bolan is someone we'd all like to count as a friend. When she saw a flier with a picture of 8-year-old Sarah Dickman, born with the genetic disease juvenile nephronophthisis and in dire need of a kidney transplant, Bolan, 34, offered one of hers. Without it, little Sarah would likely not have made it to the age of 15.

The pair underwent successful surgeries this week at hospitals across the street from each other in Atlanta and are doing well.

"We definitely need more people like Laura in the world," Sarah's mother said while her father is adding his name to living donor lists to help someone else, a way of repaying the woman who saved his daughter.

An organization we support is Gift of Life, which arranges donor transplants among Jews, a group disadvantaged when needing a donor with a suitable blood type because of the population having been so drastically reduced by the Holocaust.

Forward this story to:

-Everyone who's refused to help you move or said "no" to any reasonable request;

-Those who need to be reminded that they're blessed;

-The complainers, the narcissists and all others who could use a wake-up call about what's important.

Even if doesn't shame them, you'll feel better.