Thursday, February 21, 2008

woman on the campaign trail - how do they do it? by judi sadowsky

i just noticed, in glancing at my date book( o.k. o.k., i know i should have a palm pilot or a blackberry or an iphone or something, but i don't. i have a filofax circa 1985 - so there) that in the last week i have been to the manicurist/pedicurist, facialist, waxer, hairdresser, dermatologist and dentist. there is nothing exotic going on here - this is just general maintenance. because i always think that everything that happens just happens to me, i asked around. i conducted a poll of sorts among my friends, acquaintances and random ladies on line at my local grocery store and guess what - i am not alone! most american women spend a great deal of time and money on just keeping up appearances.

men, on the other hand, if they bathe once in a while, brush their hair and teeth and put on a clean shirt are considered well groomed. how in the world do cindy, michelle and hillary manage, day after day, to look so well put together? none of them obviously has the time to spend being powdered, painted, blown or waxed and yet somehow they manage. while it is true that cindy seems to have had her make-up permaplaqued in 1992 and hillary's pant suits are really just one pant suit in twenty different colors, it is really hard to find fault with their appearances. while not taking any sides, michelle seems to have the fashion edge, just by dint of being twenty years younger and two feet taller than the other two ladies.

i really admire these woman who have a lot more important things to do each day than i and yet somehow always manage to look ready to go. most mornings i can be found in flannel pajama bottoms and an old tee shirt of my husband's. i shudder to think what the headlines would read if the new york times came calling. it is bad enough that the little man that actually delivers the new york times once caught me in this get up.

next time there is a q and a for hillary or the other candidate's wives (let's just leave mrs. huckabee out of it, poor dear, fashion and polish does not seem to be her thing at all) i just wish someone would ask their secret. once i get that answer there will only be one riddle left for me to solve and if any of you readers out there can help me with this one, i would appreciate it. how do prisoners cut their toenails in jail? after she was released, i went to martha stewart's web site and asked her, but she never answered.