Tuesday, February 19, 2008

what's a democrat to do? by judi sadowsky

yesterday, after i parked my car and walked the block and a half to my gym, i suddenly couldn't remember if i had locked the car door. since i had left my purse in the car i walked all the way back to check and of course, the car was locked. this morning i got out of my car and left the keys, in the ignition, with the motor still running. now, granted, it is a hybrid, so the motor makes no noise, but still, i did forget to turn off the engine and take the keys. as a matter of fact, i did it again this afternoon when i went to the supermarket. i forget things. so i came up with a new campaign slogan "hillary and i are the same age and i can't remember shit - root for obama".

but then i realized that last night my son, about the same age as barack, came over for dinner on sunday. when we all finished eating he did not get up to clear the table or help with the dishes. as a matter of fact, when i began to think about it (or as the husband likes to say "dwell on it"), i realized he might have forgotten my birthday last year and so, a new campaign slogan "young and ungrateful - root for hillary".

these are the issues that all of us democrats are faced with this election cycle. both clinton and obama are viable candidates and both would probably make a good president. after all, after george bush, i think it is safe to say that anyone could be president. and so, i am like a mother with two children, i love them both the same for different reasons. i think the time has come, before it gets really messy, to put aside our concerns for the individual candidates and put our party and our country first. and if, on his next visit, my son takes out the garbage and fixes my computer, i may think differently again. check back with me in a week.

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