Sunday, February 3, 2008

TIVO is the new Rorschach Test

We can't be far away from TIVO being used as a diagnostic tool, replacing the Rorschach Test. My thesis is what we select to TIVO will reveal our idiosyncrasies and provide a new way of measuring personality disorders.

If your list is primarily figure skating competitions and musicals, you'd be, depending on gender, suspected of being either a female or homosexual.

Holocaust movies, war dramas and episodes of "In Treatment": clinical depression.

Sporting events, travel shows and the Home Shopping Network: agoraphobia.

Vintage movies and old sitcoms: dementia/Alzheimer's.

All of "The Godfathers" and "The Sopranos": psychopath.

Medical dramas and Dr. Phil: Hypochondria

"Dateline": pedophilia

Self-help, "Seinfeld" episodes and award shows: narcissism.


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