Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday is like the Subway Series

The question posed to us most regularly used to be, "Paper or plastic?" but for months now, we've been greeted by, "Who are you for -- Obama or Hillary?" This is the first election where we can make no assumptions about friends or even family members, with many undecided and desperate for something conclusive that would persuade us to commit.

I was seduced into the Clinton camp by a friend's reasoning that, Hillary will "hit the ground running", only to switch to Obama when my eyes filled with tears as I watched him at American University with Caroline and Teddy (after all this time, I'm on a first name basis with everyone), choked up to see how he's inspiring the next generation to have an interest in politics.

"Don't vote for her because you think she's entitled to the presidency." -- one friend's argument.

"You're a New Yorker. She deserves to win here." -- another friend.

"What's most important is voting for the one who's most electable." -- this would be easier if I had fewer friends.

With three hours to go before I head to my polling place, I'm still waffling, not 100% convinced how I'll vote. This is a unique moment in the history of politics, less like an election than the Subway Series.

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