Monday, February 25, 2008

million dollar babies by judi sadowsky

it was reported today that "people magazine" was paying jennifer lopez and marc anthony four to six million dollars for photos of their newborn twins. this big payout is nothing new, following on the heels of the sales of photos of gwyneth's apple and moses, julia's phineas and hazel, christina's max and angelina and brad's shiloh. at least tom and katie had the good grace to wait four or five months before unveiling pictures of their daughter, suri. this was done, i am sure, in order to allow suri some time to grow hair before her big debut.

i don't mean to be mean but let's face it. all these babies look alike. to be more specific all babies look pretty much alike (except for the really ugly ones but that's a subject for another day). so i have an idea for "people magazine". next time the good folks at "people" find themselves with an extra four to six million dollars and a new celebrity mom, eager to make the cover of their magazine with their newest bundle of joy, just call central casting. bring in baby boy or baby girl model and pose them with cate or jennifer biel (i think they are up next in the baby sweepstakes). the mom's get the publicity they want, the babies get to stay home in their two thousand dollar cribs and here is the best part, now "people magazine" has an extra few million to spread around.

if the magazine gave that money to feed hungry children in this country, fix up their schools and buy books and school supplies for them, made sure they all received pre-natal care and health care throughout their childhood, then we could see thousands of smiling, healthy, happy and well educated children on their cover...and that would be a really pretty picture!