Thursday, February 7, 2008

Miami Sex Offenders Have Created their own Gated Community

The state of Florida is trying to break up a group of 19 sex offenders who've been living together under a Miami bridge in domed tents with a cream-colored sofa beside a generator-powered TV and XBox with stacks of canned food and drink. The faux family of felons has made a home under a causeway near the Atlantic ocean, the only blemish being the overhead traffic noise.

With their makeshift kitchen (complete with table, grill and jugs of water), a canoe for fishing, a weight bench, a pit bull named Tigger and a German shepherd called Blackie, they're better equipped than many college students or even those living in starter apartments. One wouldn't be shocked to find they'd registered for a fondue set.

Though the Florida police are trying to get them to move, who can blame them for being reluctant? They've created a Club Med for Sex Offenders.


Anonymous said...


They were ordered to be there because if not, they would face imprisonment. Now they're being told they can't live and to get out, if not, they face imprisonment.

There's nothing "club med" about their situation.

Anonymous said...

The City of Miami passed a Not-In-My-Back-Yard residency restriction law that stipulates (banishes) where those convicted of sex offenses can live in the City Beautiful. While the state requirement states 1,000 feet, Miami upped the anty to No Home For You within 2,500 feet of a school.

Of the 30,000 persons listed on the Florida Sex Offender Registry, 3% are considered truly dangerous. Many have been convicted and subsequently tarred and feathered for a sex offense that involved no physical contact with anyone, anytime, i.e. online chats with luring law enforcement, the downloading of pornographic images, public urination, exposure and the list just goes on--all questionable choices, but worth destroying someone's life...

...for the rest of their lives?

In addition, Florida law treats "Romeo and Juliet" offenders — typically, a couple in which one sexual partner is underage — the same as predators and pedophiles.

Sex offender does not a child molester make, as many lawmakers would have you believe.

Anonymous said...

Read more about America's Dirty Little Secret.

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