Saturday, February 2, 2008

"In" names for babies

Names go in and out of fashion, and Michael, which had headed the list for many years, has just given way to Aiden, which I find surprising as to me Aiden is all too likely to mature into an investment banker who has a problem with intimacy. But, obviously, that's not a problem for today's parents. The most popular names of 2007 were:
1. Aiden
2. Ethan
3. Jacob
4. Jayden
5. Caden
6. Noah
7. Jackson
8. Jack
9. Logan
10. Matthew


1. Sophia
2. Isabella
3. Emma
4. Madison
5. Ava
6. Addison
7. Hailey
8. Emily
9. Kaitlyn
10. Olivia

Notably missing are the cutesy names, i.e. Molly, Sheri and Nicky, as well as those that cause you to suspect the parents were on something to have named a baby Apple or Prince.

It's been reported that parents ask, "Is this name going to get her into Harvard? Does this sound like a kid who can make a jump shot? Is this the name of someone who'll be invited to parties?"

The more realistic, however, may be asking, "Does this sound like a kid heading for rehab? Will this name cause our son to get hooked on show tunes? Are we insuring our kid will turn up in the Business Section of the paper suspected of being involved in an embezzling scheme?"

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