Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I wish I could forgive Bobby Cutts Jr., the Peterson husband/killers and New York Sports Club

Bobby Cutts Jr., who'd been a cop, was found guilty of killing his pregnant, 26-year-old girlfriend yet felt entitled to ask the jurors to spare his life. And they did even though the presumption is he killed his lover and the baby she was carrying to avoid making child support payments. At today's sentencing, the victim's mother told the judge she was asking for Cutts to be freed at some point to share life with his son, now 3. "I hope and pray I can raise him to forgive you," she told Cutts. "I do forgive you," she told him in the courtroom.

Her sentiments were not shared by her husband...or by me. I envy this woman's capacity to forgive, which surely affords her more peace than the alternative. I wish I had the forgiveness gene. And I'm sure all the people I've been hassling this week -- New York Sports Club, Beckenstein Fabrics and Guardsman Furniture -- share my wish. It would save us all hours and hours of hassles.