Friday, February 22, 2008

A House Divided: Feminists split over Hillary & Obama by Sybil Sage

My feminist friends and I haven't been this divided in years, possibly dating back to when we broke ranks, identifying ourselves either as a Paul Girl or a John Girl. While power walking and over sushi, after study groups and in e-mail exchanges, we debate:

"Do you feel it's a betrayal to support Obama?"

"Is it shabby to vote for the candidate who's most likely to win?"

"With a woman in office, you get more women-friendly policies."

"He was always against the war."

"She's ready on day one."

"Washington may give him a longer honeymoon period."

"She's so smart."

"Oh, and he's not? Look how he's inspired the young people!"

More than 1200 "feminists for peace" have endorsed Obama while another group of women's rights activists are as enthusiastically pro-Hillary. Though neither group believes political choices should be based solely on gender, at issue is how much of a priority gender should be. Where we do come together is that Mc Cain, who skipped all 15 environmental votes, must be defeated.

None of us got Paul or John. My hope is this time we'll win.