Sunday, February 24, 2008

hooray for hollywood! by judi sadowsky

today is one of my favorite days of the year. it is oscar day and i am so excited! i know it isn't cool to admit it but i love award shows. my most favorite, being a child of the fifties, are the oscars, of course, and the emmy's. i am a huge fan of almost anybody that appears on the screen, large or small. i am devoted to my favorite stars and once passed up an important business dinner with the husband and his partners in order to watch rhoda's wedding. of course, that was in pre-tivo days. today i would not have to make that kind of choice, but believe me, if i had to, i would choose rhoda again.

living in los angeles, the oscars take on an even greater excitement and i hate to admit it but inconvenience as well. i learned long ago to never expect to get a haircut, a facial, botox or any kind of waxing a week before the oscar's. the same goes for dressmakers, make-up artists, jewelers or limos. los angeles comes to a full stop in preparation for the big night.

in years past, the husband and i used to go to lavish oscar night parties held in hotel ballrooms or people's homes (some as large and lavish as hotel ballrooms) to celebrate the big night. i hated it. i couldn't hear and i couldn't stand the wise cracks and snide remarks that apparently marks an l.a. sophisticate. it is considered cool, in this town, to put down the hand that feeds this city. after years of being unhappy on oscar night we have now found a perfect solution. in jeans and sweats we walk over to our neighbor's house up the street. they are good friends, hold the same reverence for the night as we do and serve really good oscar worthy food. that would mean chips and dips, pizza and some kind of gooey dessert, eaten between the final award and the beginning of the barbara walters special.

in addition to the sweats and jeans dress code i always add either a tiara or a feather boa - sometimes both. i know it might be overkill and not quite what the fashion stylists would recommend but what the hell - this is oscar night and we're in hollywood!

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