Saturday, February 23, 2008

hillary, barak or ringo? by judi sadowsky

while reading sybil's excellent blog "a house divided" i was brought back so many decades to the first time i experienced the beatles. i was a freshman in college and every girl in my dorm was glued to the t.v set in our dorm mother's room ( in those days we actually had dorm mothers and no one had a t.v. in their dorm rooms) watching the "ed sullivan show".

from the first chord of "i wanna hold your hand" we were a room divided. john or paul's name was on every one's lips as we screamed and swooned, attempting to emulate the lucky girls who were actually there, getting to experience "the fab four" live, in the studio audience. as i looked around the room i realized that the competition for john and paul was just too great. even in this tiny room, on this tiny campus in this tiny state, the odds were stacked against me ever being able to win the hearts of either john or paul and so i made a spontaneous decision and started to call out ringo's name. my dorm mates turned for a second to stare at me. "what are you, nuts"? my room mate asked. "nope, just practical". with ringo i had a chance.

maybe we have been dazzled by hillary and barak. maybe we would have been better off with a richardson or a biden. good, steady men without a lot of glamour but men who could go the distance. i saw ringo the other night on the grammy awards and, you know what, he looked damn good. he didn't have the orange dyed hair paul was sporting nor, still married all this time to barbara, was not spending two and a half years and millions of dollars on a messy divorce case. as for john, we all know the tragic end to that story - so maybe, all those decades ago, i was right. maybe what we need right now is little less elvis and a little more ringo.

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