Thursday, February 14, 2008

Change: the mantra of this campaign. It's happening to me. by Sybil Sage

Hillary appears to remain confident, smiling despite losses and staff changes, posed and hopeful despite Obama's popularity and ability to outdo her in fund-raising, yet I, who voted for Obama, am growing increasingly more uneasy. Is this voter's remorse?

From the start, I've been conflicted, not totally convinced about either candidate, albeit thrilled that a woman and African American are running. "I'll be okay with either," many of us said. "I'll vote for the Democrat", was a common sentiment.

Swept up by Obama's inspiring the young people and uneasy about Hillary's explanation of her Iraq vote, primary day in New York, I was in camp Obama. The continuing debates, discussion and persuasive arguments from friends have caused me to become less convinced.

Is it because I feel Hillary's been mistreated by the press, ridiculed, subjected to harsher scrutiny because of being a woman? Did they even go so far as to write her off prematurely?

Is it that Obama, however emotionally powerful and persuasive, keeps revving up the masses without becoming clearer about where he stands on the issues?

Doesn't Hillary have the better health plan?

One friend summed it up, "We're picking between the smart girl with the thick glasses in the front row of the classroom and the captain of the football team". It's head vs. heart.

I trust that Hillary is capable, am less clear about Obama's positions. If the mantra for this campaign has been change, for me that's happening almost daily.