Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Woman runs ad on Craigslist looking for someone to kill lover's wife

If it works for selling a pine dresser, maybe Craigslist will allow me to find someone willing to kill my boyfriend's wife, a 49-year-old woman in Sacramento reasoned.

Her ad was posted in November as a generic request for somebody to perform a "freelance" job. When she got responses, she replied saying she wanted "to eradicate a female living in Oroville, California," providing a description of the intended victim, her physical description, age and employment address. To two serious contenders, she offered a payment of $5,000 upon completion of the job.

The intended victim and her husband have not been identified, but the lover acknowledged meeting this woman through an online college course, after which they developed an intimate relationship.

Issues raised by this:

The company says this appears to be the first murder-for-hire scheme posted on their site. Will they be adding that category?

What online course had the lovers taken? If it wasn't in the self-help category, that would be an appropriate follow-up.

Is the wife staying with her husband?

Does the mistress worry this could hurt her chances for another relationship?

Can't you earn $5,000 just by stuffing envelopes?