Saturday, January 26, 2008

Whom do we want whispering to the next president?

This campaign has dragged on like never-ending foreplay. There's nothing more to say, to promise or for us to learn, which is why the candidates, their spouses and handlers, the pundits, the pollsters and bloggers are burned out. We voters are having trouble holding onto our initial hope and enthusiasm.

In today's New York Times, Garry Wills has an op-ed titled, "Are Two Presidents Worse Than One", maintaining that team Clinton would be one too many. His point is -- and he cites Bush & Cheney as violating this rule -- there should be one accountable chief executive.

I can't imagine any president not soliciting and welcoming a spouse's input. And while this was not Bill Clinton's finest week, I remain convinced his input will be valuable. Unlike Nancy Reagan, he does not take advice from psychics, astrologers or extra-terrestrials. Moreover, the ear he whispers into may not always be Hillary's.


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