Friday, January 25, 2008

Study Shows US Army Recruitment Standards are Lower: did they include the Commander-in-Chief?

According to a Defense Department study, recruitment standards of the Army have fallen off as the percentage of new recruits with high-school diplomas has plunged from 94 percent in 2003 to 70.7 percent in 2007, a huge departure from the Pentagon's longstanding goal of 90%.

This creates serious problems, placing national defense disproportionately in the hands of our most downtrodden citizens. High school dropouts also tend to drop out of the military, forcing the Army to continually replace its recruits. A study by the RAND Corporation evaluating military performance found that aptitude is key, true even of basic combat skills, such as shooting straight. Today's Army is much more high-tech, making competence even more critical, and our soldiers are required to make crucial decisions during counterinsurgency campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Did the study include the Commander in Chief? Could this be another example of the Trickle Down Theory?