Thursday, January 3, 2008

A new do-good search engine:

Everything comes under the heading, "breaking news," which is why we've become inured to it after repeatedly leaping out of the tub or slamming down the phone to turn up the volume and give full attention to a story only to hear about another athlete accused of taking steroids or a Hollywood blonde going into rehab.

What does qualify as breaking news is the new search engine --- -- which has the guts to go up against google, providing the same service but adding a brilliant incentive that allows the user to designate a charity, which will receive a donation for each search. Instead of squirming when checking wikipedia to see if the guy you chatted with has a criminal record, you'll feel honorable and benevolent. You're not stalking; you're contributing to a worthwhile organization. I

An equally inspired aspect of is they give a percentage of what you spend when you shop, using their site, at participating stores, which include perhaps forty well known companies, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bloomingdale's, Apple, Nordstrom and

That's what I call breaking news...and I'm off to get a jump on my 2008 contributions.