Saturday, January 26, 2008

it's not easy being green!

as a loyal viewer of the today show (in spite of the fact that the very sight of ann curry makes me want to run screaming from the room) i have been avidly following their series on how to save our planet. as i already drive a hybrid, in a land where cars are akin to second homes and do my best to recycle our trash, i felt i was well on the way to doing my bit for the earth, but matt, meridith and yes, even the evil ann showed me a few simple other ways that i, as one person, could make a difference.

changing my light bulbs to those funny looking squiggly ones that last for ten years seemed simple enough. just using one of those bulbs was equivalent to taking 50,000 cars off the road - or something like that. so, i went out and replaced all my light bulbs. of course, it seems that every upside has a down and in the light bulb's case, it seems there is a slight problem with the disposal of the mercury content in the bulb. home depot has volunteered to be the official disposer of these bulbs but i am wondering - where does home depot go to get rid of them. do they own some toxic dump some where in guatamala? but then i decided not to think about that. after all, these bulbs are guaranteed to last ten years. in ten years who knows what will be, or for that matter if we will be, so bulbs i bought.

next, ann told us about a web site called where with just a click and for free, you can discontinue all those pesky catalogs from your life. it is really very simple. you just scroll through an alphabetical list of hundreds of catalogs and every time you come across one that lands in your mailbox every month, you just press delete and it is gone. i deleted 44 catalogs and could only think about how much my mailman was going to love me. i felt purged, clean and so proud of myself for saving so many trees. but then i noticed as i scrolled through the list discarding anthropolgie (those clothes have been too young for me for years) and levengers (nobody need that much stationary) that there was a whole list of catalogs that i had never even heard of. some of them were quite intriguing. a "taste of britain" caught my eye. what could that possibly be. every one knows that britain has never been famous for it's cuisine so i must admit that curiosity got the best of me. i had to see that catalog. i signed on - after all- i had already cancelled 44 - signing on for one new catalog was not such a big deal. but then i saw the "pajamagram" and the "great american hanger" (i am always on the look out for good hangers) and then there was "the popcorn factory" and who could resist a catalog titled "make life easier"?

i am hopeless. for all my good intentions i ended up cancelling 44 catalogs and signing on for ten new ones. i guess i am an addict. addicted to shiny paper and color photos and the promise of a new life with each days delivery of mail.


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