Sunday, January 6, 2008

I'd be the best candidate for change

If America wants a candidate that says "change", no one can fulfill that dream better than I can. I'm a woman, I'm Jewish, I was born in Canada and I never voted for this war. I sort of understand how a bill gets passed and have a vague idea where Georgetown is in relation to the Mall, but no one is less of a Washington insider. Ask anyone on the Hill; they've never heard of me.

I'm beholden to no interest groups, have made no bogus promises, never avoided serving my country, could not be accused of being a people pleaser or saying what others want to hear. Karl Rove would have trouble trying to smear my reputation, especially since I'm admitting right now that I never took botany in college and, though it was a requirement, I was awarded a degree.

With change being all the rage, I'm keeping my telephone lines free in anticipation of being recruited to run for office.


Anonymous said...

President Bush, Vice President Cheney and their executioner Lieutenant Rove have disregarded the values so cherished by the Republican Party. Their ideology have been to channel millions of dollars to those party members who have pledged total absolute loyalty to the Bush administration. This includes creating/channeling campaign funds for their elections, making appointments of the undeserving and/or unqualified boot lickers to high Federal offices and awarding large military/government contracts to thousands of companies that are owned directly or indirectly by his supporters. Many of these contracting companies are sham organizations and/or have no accountability.

We in the “South Eastern States” have surely suffered the most from the presidency of Bush. We are facing a very serious dilemma; we have a new strain of government corruption that is immune to the antibodies of the justice system as defined by the constitution which incudes: (a) Election fraud, (b) political favors for illegal campaign contributions (large oil companies, Tobacco Companies, Gambling Casinos, etc.), ( c) corrupt Bush appointed U.S Attorneys that spend millions of dollars profiling high ranking Democrats so that their offices can be freed up for a Bush operative and (d) Bush appointed U.S. Judges that removes the threat of a political comeback by giving maximum sentences with appeal denials and highly restricted correspondence.

Sybil Adelman Sage said...

Does that mean I can count on your vote?

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