Wednesday, January 9, 2008

hillary could go the distance.. with just a carry on

i too, have been thrilled and invigorated by this roller coaster ride the democrats have been taking us on. with obama's win in iowa i felt, for the first time since jfk, a sense of hope and renewal. i was ready to abandon hillary - old school as she was- for the freshness and youth of obama. i was ready for a miracle. when hillary won last night i was sad for barak and then thrilled that a woman had come this far. after all, she probably is the smartest politician on the stump - i could live with hillary.

but i have far greater problems than who is going to be our next president. i am leaving on a one week vacation to a land where bathing suits must be worn. "hi, my name is judi and i am incapable of packing". when someone suggested i take carry on, i laughed. carry on is for people who know who they are on any given day. i am a person who reinvents herself every morning as i step out of the shower and into my closet. how am i supposed to know who i am going to be a week from thursday? in order for me to feel secure i must take all my options with me. i have been accused of traveling like elizabeth taylor or the queen. that may be true, but i know for a fact that the queen, and probably liz as well, have people who do things like pack and schlep for them. all i have is the husband and, as he is getting older, he seems less and less inclined to be my sherpa.

and that folks is why i am voting for hillary clinton. any woman who can exist on the campaign trail for months and months with just a couple of, while not stunning, serviceable pants suits and a few scarves, deserves not only my vote but all of our votes. she is the person who may be able, to not only right what is wrong with america, but to also reestablish our good will throughout the world and she will be able to do it all with just a carry on.