Wednesday, January 30, 2008

diamonds are not forever

yesterday, out to lunch, i and my lunch date were seated next to two young girls in their thirties. one had recently gotten engaged and she was showing her ring to her friend. her friend, properly impressed, was oohing and aahing over the sparkler. the bride to be thanked her, held out her hand in the classic new ring owner's pose, to allow the diamond to catch the light, and then exclaimed, "it's really not so bad for a starter ring".

i almost dropped my fork. now, i am used to the term "starter house" and of course, "starter wife". we all know how young people these days get married, often for the wrong reasons and then move on - throwing away their marriages and their vows like paper towels, but somehow - i don't know - i thought a diamond was forever. and so, in the interests of research i asked around. it seems, that contrary to what i thought and what the de beers ads had led me to believe, diamonds are not forever. not only are they not forever, but apparently, they shrink with age. according to one of my friends, the proud owner of an eight carat ring, with time, the engagement ring that seemed so large, in the first blush of love, magically grows smaller, in the eyes of the wearer.

so, i guess another fantasy has bit the dust. nothing is forever anymore. if there are "starter wives" and "starter rings" than i guess, an old broad like me, who has been married since the beginning of time, would probably just be referred to as a "fixer-upper".