Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Unsolved Murders Quiz: (answers upon request)

Authorities have now closed the books on the case of Natalee Holloway, the college student who disappeared while vacationing in Aruba, saying they know who killed her but don’t have enough evidence to press charges, adding yet another unsolved murder to those already plaguing me.

How is it so many people have gotten away with murder? If you're like me, you sympathize with the victims and their families, so consider every detail, trying to come up with your own theories, hoping you'll be more effective than those assigned to the cases.

To see how your memory stacks up against mine, take my unsolved murder quiz:

1. The prime suspect okay, maybe he was just “a person of interest” in the Holloway case was a Dutch student named A) Joran van der Sloot B) Scott Peterson C) Drew Peterson D) Phil Spector

2. The French actress accused of having shot a ski instructor was: A) Brigitte Bardot B) Claudine Longet C) Simone Signoret D) Catherine Deneuve

3. Which cuisine had Robert Blake eaten the night Bonny Lee Bakley, his wife of six months, was murdered? A) Indian B) Italian C)Fusion D) Comfort food

4. An Amber Alert is: A) an instant message from Scott Peterson’s mistress. B) A notice that your yellow baby aspirin are running out C) A statewide bulletin indicating there’s been a kidnapping

5. Name the brand of shoes whose print was found the night Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were murdered: A) Mephisto B) Bruno Magli C) Florscheim D) New Balance

6. The most astonished facial reaction when the O.J. criminal verdict was announced came from: A) Judge Ito B) Marcia Clark C) Kim Goldman D) Robert Kardashian

7. Who lived in O.J. Simpson's guest house? A) Johnny Cochran B) Dr. Henry Lee C) Kato Kaelin D) Mark Fuhrman

8. What color wig was mutilator/murderer Robert Durst wearing when he was apprehended? A) Blonde B) Salt & pepper C) Black D) Brunette F) None, he had a shaved head

9. Chandra Levy, who was murdered in Washington D.C.'s Rock Creek Park, had been involved with: A) Rudy Giuliani B) Bill Clinton C) Larry Craig D) Gary Condit

10. DNA is: A) Human material that can conclusively connect a presence to a crime scene except when Barry Scheck is defending O.J. Simpson B) A trendy LA sushi bar C) the new competition for the BMW D) the name of Phil Spector's home

11. Which TV talk show host proclaimed his to be “the show of record for JonBenet Ramsey? A) Conan O'Brien B) Anderson Cooper C) Geraldo Rivera D) Bill Moyers

12. In 50 words or less, who killed JonBenet Ramsey, and why?


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