Thursday, December 6, 2007

here is one thing that is not george bush's fault

the writers strike is effecting those of us on the west coast as well. while neither the husband nor i are members of the guild, we are definitely being affected by the trickle down. in my case, it is my sanity that is in jeopardy.

last night, just as i was dozing off, the husband switched on the television. it is his habit to watch the opening monologue of david letterman and i have gown used to falling asleep to his jokes. suddenly i heard an unfamiliar voice. my eyes sprung open and i saw, what i thought to be, jay leno, but not. "what's wrong with him?" i asked the husband. "nothing, he looks good".

he didn't look good, he looked weird. i couldn't put my finger on it. he had either gained or lost weight, dyed his hair, had his eyes done, his face lifted, something. i kept asking the husband, who kept shushing me, trying to listen to jay's monologue. i shushed and then i actually heard jay - he was talking about the trial of the century - the o.j. trial! it was a different century. this show was taped in 1995. jay looked so weird because he was thirteen years younger.

i wasn't crazy. jay didn't look weird, he just looked young. which, of course led me to thinking how different i must look. i made a mental note to myself to not see anyone i know who i haven't seen in the last thirteen years. and then i thought about how life has a way of evening things out. here was jay leno, who according to all reports has not exactly been a hero to his co-workers during this strike, being outed, on national t.v. as the old man he is. i don't think anyone would have noticed how old leno had gotten had we not been forced to confront the young leno.

so tonight, if all goes well i will sleep. the husband will watch david letterman reruns (and david always looks the same) and i will drift off peacefully knowing god's in the heavens and all right with the world.


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