Friday, November 16, 2007

What not to do at Thanksgiving Dinner

The etiquette mavens are back, this time with a list of the worst offenses you can commit at Thanksgiving dinner, things like:

Talking while you have food or drink in your mouth. Who other than a professional puppeteer can talk with a mouthful of liquid?

Using an eating utensil to dig out food or dirt lodged under your fingernails and leaving your findings on the plate. What, then, are you supposed to use? The serving spoon is too won't get in there.

Piling as much turkey, potatoes, peas and stuffing on your fork as you can and shoving the entire mass into your mouth. Isn't that the point of Thanksgiving??!

Picking food from your teeth with a toothpick, fingernail, dinner knife or your tongue, even more egregious if you examine the findings. So my husband and son were right when they told me to stop.

Miss Manners and company haven’t had a holiday meal with us or they’d have added:

Turning up with someone you just met on the subway, presenting the same Godiva chocolates you'd been given a long time ago by the host, setting down a wet glass and leaving a stain on an antique table, opening all the windows while extolling the effectiveness of soy for hot flashes, showing the scar from your recent surgery, offering suggestions on how to make a juicier turkey and, and getting into an argument about parenting, the mid-east, Bush or Hillary.


Anonymous said...

not to leave your leftover food on th table and then decidec to eat it next day.

Anonymous said...

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