Thursday, November 8, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake

Yesterday we were all abuzz over an article showing that fat people appear to have fewer health problems (setting aside diabetes) and to be living longer than those of normal weight, sending those of us who’ve been dessert-deprived and taking spinning classes into a spin. We’d been misled into feeling protected by our normalcy.

This shocking reversal of everything we've believed came on the heels of a Readers Digest article cautioning us that vitamins we’ve been taking to fight colds, Alzheimer’s and free radicals (the mysterious enemy of our cells that could be destroyed by adding antioxidants to our daily vitamins) may actually be damaging.

Should we all meet at our local green markets and file a class action suit against the health gurus of yesteryear? Personally, I'll find it less of a struggle to give up vitamin E than to pass up churros.

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