Saturday, November 10, 2007

Is George W. the worst president ever?

When asked last week what we need in the next president, Jeb Bush answered, “Someone with intellectual curiosity”. Might we assume, then, that Jeb agrees with the 23% of American adults polled by the CNN/Opinion Research Corporation who feel George W. Bush is the worst president we’ve ever had?

34% of the 1,024 people queried said they approve of Bush’s performance. Those are the sort of undemanding, easily satisfied types we hope to get as bosses, especially when it's time for our annual review.

1% named Bush as the best president in history. Who are these 10.2 people? If relatives have given up on him, his fans can only be cronies, appointees (overlappiing with cronies) and Halliburton employees.

72% of Republicans polled approve of Bush’s performance, but this is the same group that approves of golf pants, cowboy hats, bullying, swiftboating and waterboarding. 12% of Democrats still support him, all of whom I suspect are my relatives, maintaining, perhaps just to irritate me, that despite conditions in the mid-east, "Bush is good for Israel".

1,024 respondents is a small number. We've had that many people come to dinner over the course of this administration. True, I didn't conduct an official poll, but 100% of our guests have expressed violent disapproval of everything Bush has done. We’re the ones counting down the remaining 436 days of his term.


Anonymous said...

Sybil's comments on Bush's record have false premise and unfounded conclusion taught by mindless liberals. The one big mistake he made was to not revive the Reagan Revolution that was stunted by his daddy, who was specifically elected to continue Reaganism. Election of the clinton criminals could not have occurred, had they both done what they were elected to do.

Sybil Adelman Sage said...

Unlike you, George W. feels he's made no mistakes so I don't think he'd appreciate your comment any more than he'd like mine. But luckily for us both, the man doesn't read - and probably wouldn't even if he knew how.

Doug Good said...

I have lived long enough to personally remember eleven Presidents. I don't recall any national discussion such as is now occurring of the incumbent being "the worst President ever." This is a good clue that George W. Bush is probably, at the very least, the worst President in the last 60 years.

Sybil Adelman Sage said...

Poll Results
How would you rate George W. Bush against past presidents?
Worst ever 53% 207,013
Worse than average 16% 63,092
Better than average 16% 61,883
Average 12% 44,703
Best ever 3% 11,628

Note on Poll Results
Total Votes: 388,319

Anonymous said...

just from a historic perspective, it would be hard to be worse than Watrren Harding from 1921-1923, (died in office)...likely would have been convicted of outright corruption had he lived..

hinco said...

Without a doubt, worst ever. Period. My view: "Impeach Bush, Imprison Cheney".

Regarding the previously posted anonymous comment: This misguided individual must be telebimbo Ann Coulter in disguise or one of her lobotomized lackeys and dimwits. Surely, no truly informed individual would believe let alone post such laughable drivel. You are an embarassement to America and should be ashamed of yourselh

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