Monday, November 12, 2007

an epiphany

the husband and i have just returned from vacation. we were gone for a week and in that time experienced a total media blackout. it was not due to geographic isolation (we were vacationing in new york) nor a show of solidarity with the striking writers or a deliberate experiment - it just happened. we were so busy, and stimulated, that somehow we never found the time to stop and read, watch or log on.

the experience was amazing. you can not imagine how liberating it is to not know that on thursday you might suddenly be poorer that you were on tuesday or that while things might be about to blow in pakistan you are not obligated to worry about it. an entire week without a word on brittany's custody battle, or yet another horror story out of iraq, was the best vacation of all. while, i was sorry to hear of norman mailer's death, finding out about it a few days late was just as impactful as if i had heard it on breaking news.

i am back home now with a weeks worth of newspapers, news magazines and tivo'd shows to deal with, not to mentioned the 224 emails that must be read and deleted. it is monday morning and i am back in the swing of things. the two morning papers are waiting to be read and they will be. nothing has changed in my daily habits as a result of this experience except there is one thing that i now know for sure - with or without my constant and conscientious vigilance the world, as we know it, will still keep on spinning.

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