Thursday, November 29, 2007

come fly with me

coming home yesterday from new york was, as always, a drag. this time, the fact that the husband and i were traveling with our two grown children, only added to the drudgery of the supposed, six hour and fifteen minute flight.

when it is just the two of us traveling, i get to be the big complainer and the husband is the calming influence. with the kids on board, the stakes are doubled and my complaining has to take a back seat to the two i bore. we flew on virgin america. i was sure the kids would love it since it has all the nifty computer gadgets any new age young adult could possibly want. in addition to movies, t.v., radio, seven thousand choices of music and video games you can also order food, drinks and snacks while text messaging the cute blond in row 14B.

unfortunately, all the nifty computer stuff does not work while you are stuck on a runway FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF waiting to take off. starvation was not too much of an issue, because we are savvy travelers and today's savvy traveler knows enough to bring their own food on board, but you could most definitely die from thirst, not to mention boredom. because we were traveling west, we had head winds of 160 miles an hour so the trip took an extra 45 minutes. add that to runway time and we could have been in a charming tuscan village in the time it took us to go from new york to l.a.

and then the computers broke. when we finally got airborne our little t.v. screens went blank. not every one's, just our little family seemed to be cursed. without a computer, not only was i sure we would die of boredom, but it seems that you are unable to order anything to eat or drink. the husband was sound asleep and my son was happily plugged into his own computer, so it was just the princess and i, left to languish for almost eight hours, without even a vodka.

all's well that ends well, and by ending well, i mean we landed without incident and let's face it, that's all we really pray for when boarding a plane these days but jeez....

every year when the husband asks me what i want for hanukkah. i always say "nothing, really, i have everything i want". well this year i have changed my mind. this year when the husband asks i will be ready. this year, for hanukkah, i want my own plane.


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