Friday, November 16, 2007

barry bonds or lyndsay lohan - who is the biggest criminal?

i am very confused. just today we found out that barry bonds may be facing up to thirty years in prison for steroid use and lying about it, while lyndsay lohan has just completed her time in the slammer for drunk driving and being found with cocaine. ms. lohan walked out of jail this morning, after completing her sentence of 84 MINUTES!!!! that's right folks, 84 minutes, which is actually 2 minutes longer than her friend nicole richie who spent exactly 82 minutes in jail for drunk driving and driving on the off ramp of a busy los angeles freeway.

now, here is where the confusion lies. while i think it is stupid to shoot your body up with steroids and endanger your health just so you can hit or throw a ball faster or farther, i don't really feel that barry bonds is, in any way, a threat to society. like prostitution, it seems to me that steroid use is a victimless crime. if grown men, are willing to pay other grown men, millions of dollars to hit a ball with a stick and run around bases dressed like little boys, well then, why are we so surprised when these same grown men act like little boys? thirty years in prison seems like a pretty severe punishment for lying about stupid behavior that only harms the steroid user and, of course, hank aaron's record.

on the other hand, less than an hour and a half in jail seems no where near enough time for a drunk driver. endangering the lives of others, due to driving under the influence of alcohol and possibly drugs, is no laughing matter. drunk driving, unlike baseball, is not a game and far more people can be murdered or maimed by an out of control driver in a one ton car than a juiced up athlete with a wooden bat.


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