Sunday, October 21, 2007

You can breathe easily. BicoastalBroads will not be striking

Readers, do not despair. Though we're members of the Writers Guild of America and supportive of the Broadway guilds and New York taxi drivers (well, those who comply to our pleas that they slow down, stop talking on their cell phones and put out their cigarettes), we will continue to keep blogging regardless of any upcoming labor strikes.

So if you can't get around the city, miss out on seeing "Young Frankenstein" and are being fed reruns of "Malcolm in the Middle", Bicoastalbroads will continue to be operational. Look at this as an opportunity to go back through our archives and comment.

And please be assured we're not bitter that two other women were given the task of commanding the upcoming shuttle flight into space. Neither of us is known for sense of direction and even with Mapquest, we'd likely have taken any shuttle entrusted to us right into Saks Fifth Avenue. My advice to these two more capable women is to keep their AAA cards handy.

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