Thursday, October 4, 2007

kick out the clowns

i have been hearing a lot of chatter this week about hillary and her chuckle. according to some news sources she is chuckling too much. they say she is not a natural laugher and the voters don't want to see her pretend. it makes them uncomfortable. jon stewart, showing clips of hillary chuckling, on various sunday morning news shows, likened her to an automaton, laughing on cue.

i don't remember anybody ever discussing the chuckle factor regarding margaret thatcher, golda meir or indira ghandi. i, personally don't care whether my president would make a good dinner partner or a winning team mate at pictionary. i am far more concerned with some one who is smart, open minded, well educated and possessing a world view.

it seems to me that we have already tried a clown in the white house for the past two terms. you would think that america would be ready for something new. chuckles, the current president, has gotten us into more trouble than any president in the history of this nation. i personally wouldn't mind, one bit, if we finally had a president who actually took our country's well being, and it's standing in the world, just a tad more seriously and left the laughter to the comedians.

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