Thursday, October 11, 2007

get in the kitchen and rattle those pots and pans, amen!!!!

in today's los angeles times, there was a front page article about the southwestern baptist theological seminary - a century old training ground for southern baptists. at this school, the students are taught that god values men and women equally, it's just that he has given them different responsibilities - men make decisions and women make dinner.

to reinforce these gender specific roles, the college is now offering classes in homemaking - for women only! these female students will be taught that god expects wives to graciously submit to their husband's leadership and next fall, there will be a model home on campus, to allow women to get credit toward their bachelor's degrees, by learning how to set a table, sew on buttons and sustain lively dinner conversation. these women are taught that it is god's will that they stay home and create a heaven on earth for their husband's. as far as i could tell from the article, the only things expected of a husband was that he lead his family in laying down the law. what law, was not exactly clear but, according to seminary president paige paterson, it is very clear, in the scriptures, that men shall lead and women shall follow.

i am all for a little "heaven on earth" myself but somehow, in the real world, i don't think a well done brisket or a platter full of crispy cookies is going to do it. wouldn't our world and our particular god - who ever he may be - be better served if all of us, men and women, get to live out our lives to our fullest potential? if, at the end of my days, i show up at the pearly gates and am denied entrance because my kitchen floor had waxy yellow build-up, or my quiche did not come, fresh from the oven with a home made crust, than so be it. i don't believe that any god would give us a brain in order for us to turn ourselves into stepford wives.