Saturday, October 6, 2007

bring back the good old days

it used to be that i would be worried that i would have nothing to blog about. now, it seems that the opposite is true. i can not keep up with all the outrageous and ludicrous things going on in our country. every day brings forth a new lie, a new indiscretion, a new murderer walking free and a new pedophile moving around the corner from a school.

we thought we saw the last of o.j. and even larry craig but they both seem to be as hard to get rid of as poison ivy. britney, for sure, was going down the tubes and today i read that her new single is number one on the pop charts. she may have lost her two children but, hey, a hit is a hit.

i can't even bring myself to write about politics. even the democrats are pissing me off. i thought, as we all did that things couldn't get much worse and then they do. i get a headache just listening to the replay of clarence thomas and anita hill with their he said/she said routine - i just wish they would all go away. isiah thomas says it's o.k. for a black man to call a black woman a bitch. apparently the jury didn't agree so the black bitch got to walk away with 11 million dollars. george bush says torture isn't torture if you call torture by another name. i think i am getting too old for all this. everything is getting too complicated. i liked it back in the day when things were simpler and you know just where you stood. kind of like calling a spade a spade - back when you could actually say that.