Friday, October 26, 2007

Any Man, even a serial, sado-masochistic, addicted murderer, can get women

I was recently asked by a friend to recall the low points of my dating life, and what came to mind was a dinner at my house designed to introduce friends to a man I’d just started seeing, whom I overheard telling them, “I’m both a voyeur and an exhibitionist”. But reading about a man known in tabloids as “Mexico City’s cannibal”, accused this week of murdering, then cutting up and eating part of his girlfriend's body affirmed my lament that dating is not a level playing field.

He's believed to have a history of killing girlfriends. "He killed her because he was high on cocaine," claimed his defense attorney, adding, "He didn't eat her, he just cut her body up”, explaining he cooked the flesh to feed it to neighborhood dogs. But the city coroner described the care the guy had taken in preparing the food, seasoning it with lime juice, not pains one usually takes even for a beloved pet. The girlfriend’s mutilated torso had been stuffed into a closet, a leg in the freezer and bits of arm meat on a fork and plate.

What shouldn’t amaze me, but does, is that this sub-zero human (yes, that’s a pun on the leg in the freezer) was able to attract girlfriends, many of whom were single mothers and drug store attendants (perhaps because of a clonazepan addiction) – while passing himself off as a playwright, television personality, reporter, novelist, actor and poet. The mother of a victim described him as "a very vain person ... everything was me, me, me."

Despite his history, trust me, if this guy ends up in jail, women will be writing him, eager to meet and have a relationship, hiding clonazepan in churros for him. But let a woman gain fifteen pounds, she’ll not get a man, unless maybe cannibals like overweight women.