Sunday, September 9, 2007

you're wearing what?

every time i think i have heard everything i have only to pick up the newspaper or turn on the t.v. the latest "can you believe this" involves a twenty-three year old college student who was thrown off of a southwest airlines flight for "inappropriate dress". apparently the flight attendant (male) deemed that ms. kyla ebbert's white mini skirt, white tee shirt and green sweater did not live up to his idea of what an acceptable flying outfit should be. after humiliating the poor young girl, he allowed her to stay on board, but only after she had rearranged her garments in a way that he found modest enough.

the airline, instead of apologizing to the young woman, has staunchly defended the flight attendant's actions. i am confused. since when does a flight attendant, bus driver or train conductor get to weigh in on what their passengers are wearing. last time i looked, this was still america. if southwest airlines has nothing better to do than monitor the attire of it's passengers, then perhaps they should start passing out burkas at the door.

it would seem to me, in this time of diminishing services on all our airlines, that southwest should be more concerned with safety, taking off and landing on time and re instituting free nuts and pillows and blankets. i would think they should be much more concerned with how their flight attendants were servicing their customers, than defending the prudish sensibilities of a fashion challenged steward.