Monday, September 3, 2007

uh oh, trouble's in trouble!

i knew it would happen, it was just a matter of time. trouble helmsley, the 12 million heir to leona helmsley's fortune is being sued by a former housekeeper, zamfira sfara. it seems that trouble had a nasty little habit of biting people. not just a friendly little "hi, good to see you" kind of nip but real bone deep bites. trouble, who was never referred to as a dog, but went by the nickname "princess", didn't only bite ms. sfara. trouble apparently bit anyone who got to close to her or mrs. helmsley.

ms. sfsara sued her former boss over one of the dog bites in 2005 but a judge threw it out of court claiming mrs. helmsley was covered for liability under workman's compensation. now that mrs. helmsley is gone, it looks like ms. sfara is going to sue trouble directly.

where is johnny cochran when a pooch needs him? i am a little worried for trouble. we all know how those lawyer's fees can run out of control. trying to defend himself, trouble could run through his fortune in nothing flat. perhaps he should take a page from o.j.'s story and write a book of his own to raise some money. he could call it "arf i did it". i just know it would be a best seller.