Friday, September 14, 2007

not so fast

just when we had finally seen the last of the hollywood car wrecks (lindsey,britney, paris and nicole) and were able to concentrate on really important matters, like the never-ending war and general patraeus and his "let's make george happy" report to congress, a new scandal, a re-cycled scandal, a scandal from days of yore, has reared it's ugly head.

the goldman family, father fred and sister kim, are making the talk show rounds promoting o.j's book "if i did it". according to the goldman's, who won the right to publish this book as part of the judgement owed to them by o.j., claim that his book is a confession by the killer who brutally took the lives of their son and brother, ron, and o.j.'s ex-wife nicole brown simpson.

i along with many others don't think this piece of garbage should ever see the light of day but i do understand why the goldman's are doing this. it is not for the money - the goldman family will receive only seventeen cents for every book sold - it is for what they see as justice. they want to prevent o.j. from profiting in any way from his crime. i agree. just to see the look in the eyes of this father and daughter and you know this horror will be with them for the rest of their days. there is never any closure for the loved ones of victims of violent crimes - especially when they believe the killer walked free. o.j.'s very existence - his carefree days on the golf course is a constant and continuous reminder of how the justice system failed their family. and so the goldman's are out stomping through the media, drawing attention to this disgusting murderer. this is all bad enough. just enough rehashed scandal to draw us away from the blaring front page headlines and allow us to bury our fears and anxieties, once again, on page six.

and then o,j, gets arrested - for robbery. of course he claims he didn't do it. what else is new? on the very day this book is coming out that son of a bitch manages, in the only way left to him, to grab the headlines. you would think that if the whole world thought you were a cold blooded killer and you were lucky enough to be declared innocent by a jury, you would just quietly go away and live in a corner somewhere. this man is so sick that his need to be in the headlines is far greater than his common sense.

come to think of it, he is sounding a lot like another publicity hog - rosie o'donnell. if she weren't gay they would make a perfect couple. as a matter of fact, in rosie's new book, also coming out today (it is a great day for readers) she tells how, as a child, in order to get attention, she would break her own bones with a baseball bat. hmm? are you thinking what i'm thinking? maybe, instead of murdering and robbing, we could teach o.j. to wield a bat. he was a good athlete in his youth - maybe, he too, could get attention by breaking his own bones and leave the rest of us alone.

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