Tuesday, September 25, 2007

bill o'reilly needs to get out more

today it was reported that after dining with al sharpton at a famous harlem restaurant "sylvia's", bill o'reilly told reporters that he was surprised that eating at sylvia's was just like eating in any other new york restaurant. what surprised him most was that no one said "m-----f---er i want some more ice tea". what he didn't say, but implied by his thoughtless comments, was that he expected to find diners eating with their hands and throwing bones on the floor.

with all of new york, and the rest of the country, up in arms over ahmadinejad's visit to the united nations and the invitation, he received and accepted, to speak at columbia university, perhaps we should take a closer look at our very own, home grown bigots and morons. i don't see much difference in the ignorance factor between the president of iran's statement (with a straight face no less) that there are no homosexuals in his country and bill o'reilly's stunned surprise that, not only do black people eat in restaurants just like white people, but that they actually have table manners.

i have no objection to allowing ahmadinejad the right, while in our country, to practice free speech nor do i object to o'reilly spouting off. they both are entitled to say what they want. my only objection is, that if we are smart enough to protest the very existence of an ahmadinejad, we should get those picket signs out to protest the very existence of bill o'reilly.


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