Monday, August 6, 2007

thank god for sybil!

while i was out stuffing my face and indulging in g rated matinees, sybil has been out on the front lines protecting bicoastal broads from hostile takeovers. i must admit i had not given rupert murdoch and his like a second thought - secure in the knowledge that our bcb fans were too loyal to ever allow anything bad to happen to this blog but now that sybil has brought the danger to my attention, i must admit that i too, am worried.

i noticed that just today, i was followed around my local grocery store by a very suspicious looking man. i of course, attributed his attention to my really adorable new haircut but since reading sybil's blog, it is obvious to me what is going on. yesterday, the mailman seemed to take an extra long time placing my mail in the box. what was he looking for? i am sure i am under surveillance. they (the powers that be) are obviously trying to dig up any and all dirt on me to use against us when the take over day comes.

this morning i found out that i was the only one of my 32 cousins not to be invited to the wedding of the 33rd cousin. at first i thought it was because he lives in new york and i in los angeles and we really haven't seen each other or spoken in many years. but, when i found out that even crazy cousin walter was invited - i knew something was up. i tried to wrack my brain to come up with some reason, something i had done to offend the groom. why oh why was i being excluded? now, it is perfectly clear to me.

people smell blood. it is out on the street that the bicoastal broads are going down. if even my own family is distancing themselves from me, this may be even bigger than rupert murdoch - this may be global. i implore you, all our loyal readers, if you support us let us know. i only regret that i have one blog to give to my country.

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