Monday, August 13, 2007

shoot the messenger

this morning, while watching the today show, i had a laugh out loud moment. it wasn't the announcement that karl rove was resigning, to spend more time with his family, although that did bring a smile to my face. just to digress a moment from my laugh out loud experience, just what is it with all these administration people who resign to spend more time with their families. has anyone ever kept a log as to how much mommy and daddy time is actually spent after their resignations? and from what i heard on the news, rove's son is in college - hardly an ideal time for quality, father-son bonding. if i remember correctly, karen hughes resigned to spend more time with her family but i could swear that the very same karen hughes is right back in the beltway, doing whatever it is that she was doing before, for our president.

at any rate, what made me guffaw this morning was a story about a man who was cheating on his wife. he sent some flowers to his girlfriend but the florist, mistakenly sent the paperwork to his home, where said wife was living. needless to say the wife was not happy. now, here's where it gets good. it seems that the couple was already separated and in the process of getting divorced. when the wife found out about the girlfriend, she decided to ask for an additional $500,000 from her, soon to be ex, husband.

the husband reacted the way any red blooded, upstanding, american male would act. he is suing the florist. that's right folks. this slime, who is cheating on his wife, is suing the florist for one and a half million dollars. why? because the florist got him in trouble by outing his affair and now it is costing him extra money in his divorce. not only is he suing the florist, but he had the nerve to appear on the today show, with his attorney, all pouty and indignant over the whole mess. to meridith viera's credit, she did try over and over again to remind him that it was he, not the florist, who did the cheating, but he would have none of it. perhaps we should introduce him to the man who sued his dry cleaners for forty million dollars for losing his pants.

at any rate it was a great moment in television. it was one of those laughs where orange juice comes out of your nose. you know the kind. what nerve - not only to blame someone else for your indiscretions but to sue them to boot. hmmm? i wonder if there is any way we could sue karl rove?

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