Sunday, August 5, 2007

movie madness

yesterday, while the husband is in tokyo doing business and cavorting with kimono clad geisha's, i decided to indulge in one of my own guilty pleasures. i went to the movies - alone - in the daytime. i know what you are thinking "wow, she is one wild and crazy gal" but going to the movies in daylight gives me such a thrill.

what feels better than walking into a theater in sunlight and emerging two hours later with the same sun still warming your face?. it's as if time stood still and those two hours in that darkened theater never happened. you still have time to make it to the market, grab a quick manicure and nod to your neighbor as you unload your groceries, as if you hadn't just been transported, to some technicolor wonderland, thirty feet high.

going to the movies in the daytime is cheap. what i love is that i don't even have to lie about being a senior citizen. while i am so close that no one ever questions me, i still feel guilty and usually wind up paying full price - unless i am with the husband, who got tired of asking for "one senior and one normal person please" as per my instructions. and speaking of age, there is no where, on this planet, that i feel younger, than at a weekday matinee. when an ancient movie goer and her companion tried to get past me to their seats, they even called me "miss".

the theater is usually close to empty at this time of the day, so there is never a problem with anyone's head, hat or hairdo blocking my view and this generation of movie goers are still working on the intricacies of the hold button, so annoying cell phones, going off in the middle of the film, is never an issue.

going alone is also a plus. everyone's movie going habits are different and when you are alone you never have to compromise. you can sit as close or as far from the screen as you choose and the middle of the row, versus the aisle debate, is a non issue. when the film ends and the house lights come up you don't have to go through the endless dialogue discussing the director's techniques or the actor's motivations. the deep meaning of the film can be, gratefully, left undissected.

the best part of going to the movies in the day time is the snack factor. i have convinced myself that what you eat, alone, in a dark theater, doesn't count. calories that don't see the light of day, i have reasoned, don't exist. you can scarf down a barrel of buttered popcorn or a super sized box of peanut m&m's (washed down with, of course, a diet coke) and no one would ever know. and we all know that what they don't know can't hurt us.

so, to the husband, up to his eyeballs in sushi and sake, i say - enjoy yourself. watch out for parasites and come home soon. in the meanwhile, i have three more days to indulge. we are both having a good time, i know. the only difference is, he's getting frequent flyer miles and i am getting fat.

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