Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A life coach: no more free advice!

This week I became aware that a job exists with the title life coach, which I learned from a website “is not a therapist...more than a consultant... and not just a friend: Your Life Coach is your personal expert to help you realize your full potential!”

I’ve been providing this service pro bono, sometimes without even being solicited. Should there be a head hunter reading this, I want it known that two women turned around their lives as a function of taking my advice (life coaches can’t be modest). Marriages have been spared and severed because of me.

Recent victories include a friend succeeding in canceling the two-year contract she’d signed with a health club by repeating, almost verbatim, the words I’d coached her. Another friend, again with my support, ended a 32-year-old friendship that I deemed unhealthy.

I could use the services of a life coach to tell me how to turn being a buddinsky into a profitable enterprise. This job seems to require even less experience than being a real estate agent. And you don't have to be blonde!

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copyroundtheclock said...

Hello Sybil,

I read your piece with amusement.

However, speaking as a life coach, allow me to inform you that life coaches don't help people end relationships that they the coach deem unhealthy:)

A coach has no agenda other than to help empower the individual to make the changes they want to make.

An effective coach, might raise questions that might have allowed your "client/friend" to make the determination that she'd like to end the relationship. But it would be coming from her.

By the way, there is study involved in becoming a certified coach.

Anyhooo, just thought I'd put my 2 cents in... something I'm sure you can appreciate:)

By the way, I don't even have an idea what blog I am posting on. Guess I could use a coach to help get me motivated to learn more about blogging!