Wednesday, August 29, 2007

just who's stupid?

i thought i had seen, not only the height of stupidity, but actually the height of everything that was wrong with america, our culture and our our youth when i watched the endless replaying of the question and answer segment of the miss teenage u.s.a. pageant yesterday. it seems that miss south carolina had a very difficult time explaining why most "u.s. americans" had trouble locating the united states on a map of the world.

yes, i foolishly thought that the poor, young, girl (who incidentally also filled out a wild bikini- courtesy of film clips running alongside her ill thought out answer) was the ultimate in stupid, until i happened to catch matt lauer and ann curry interviewing her yesterday on the "today show." you want to talk stupid? these two grown-ups were simpering and gushing over this under-educated young girl as though she had discovered the cure for cancer. when miss south carolina told matt and ann that she "had made a mistake and was human" you would have thought they had both just witnessed the sermon on the mount - first hand. i knew ann curry was not the brightest bulb in nbc's marquee but i must admit i was disappointed in matt.

if this were the only example of stupidity this week, i would shut my computer down and take a well deserved lunch break, but i am afraid my work is not yet done. it seems that leona helmsley's will was read yesterday and she (the queen of mean) had left twelve million dollars to her dog and nothing to two of her grandchildren. she stated in her will that her grandchildren knew why. well, i want to know why as well. and i also want to know what was she thinking. i am sure her dog is very loyal and probably has a pleasing personality, can do a few tricks and never pooped on the oriental rug, but wouldn't fido have been just as happy with, say, one million dollars and a milk bone? and by the way, what about me? i mean i once stayed at the helmsley palace - shouldn't i have been left a little something as well?

and that brings me to the third and perhaps saddest example of stupidity this week. according to the new york and los angeles times, katie couric has announced that she will be going on a ten day trip to iraq and syria. she will be the first network news anchor to visit the war zone in six months. one reason there have been no news anchors signing on for duty in that part of the world is the extreme danger of the situation. last year bob woodruff and his camera man were both seriously wouonded. four months later a car bomb killed a cbs crew and gravely injured cbs correspondent kimberly dozier and last week a translator for cbs news was taken from his home and murdered.

i know that katie has been lagging in the ratings and i know what a competitive kind of gal she is, as well as being the ultimate team player, but what could she be thinking? she has two young daughters at home and after the untimely death of her husband, nine years ago, she vowed that she would never put herself in harms way for the sake of her job. she, being the only parent, felt she had a responsibility to her children that was greater than to any employer. what happened? why is she suddenly willing to trade her children's security for the sake of a few ratings points? i hate to admit it, but between miss south carolina, leona helmsley and katie couric, katie seem to be the hands down winner in the stupidest person of the week contest.

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