Monday, August 20, 2007

i'm confused

i'm confused. it seems to me to be my normal state of being lately . every time i pick up a newspaper or turn on the television or radio i see, hear and read things that just make no sense at all. i was beginning to think it was a problem associated with old age but it seems, on questioning them, that my children are confused as well.

let's just start with fred goldman and the o.j book - "if i did it". i understand that mr. goldman won a civil suit against o.j. and that he is owed, according to the courts, millions of dollars. i know that since that judgement the goldman family has not seen one penny from mr. simpson. i also understand that the need for justice and revenge, if you will, must be great but here is where the confusion comes in. as a parent, i am sure that no amount of money would ever be enough to compensate me for the loss of a beloved child. i also know that the last thing on earth i would ever want to do is give the murderer of my child one extra second in the spotlight. in publishing this book, mr. goldman will once again, bring up the pain and horror of that night, not just for himself, his family and the brown family but also, and most importantly, for the innocent victims of that crime, nicole's children, sydney and justin. so, i am confused.

i am also confused about michael vick and mary winkler. i know that the football player and the preacher's wife have very little, if nothing, in common and yet they both have recently been in trouble with the law. i just want to state for the record, up front, that all men who abuse their wives should be punished and punished severely. i also believe that anyone who abuses or murders a helpless animal should also be punished. i am just confused by the fact that mr. vick, is going to serve a year in prison for his role in a dog fighting ring and mary winkler, who was, allegedly, abused by her husband, gets little or no jail time, for murdering him. now, i am sure that preacher winkler was probably a no good son of a bitch who really didn't deserve to live but she did shoot him - in the back - with a shot gun. i don't want to draw any conclusions along racial lines but i do wonder what would have happened if mary winkler had been black and mr. vick white. as i said, it is very confusing.

the last confusing thing that has caught my attention the past few days is karl rove. everything about karl rove confuses me but in addition to being to confused, i am now scared. i know that over the past six years i have been hoping and praying for mr. rove's dismissal or resignation but it was only after he resigned that i realized i should have been more careful what i wished for. karl rove is much more dangerous as a free agent than he ever was in the white house. as a member of the president's staff, while he still did whatever he wanted, he was, at least, under the scrutiny of the press. now that he has been let loose to roam, he has become the loosest of loose cannons, free to lash out in any direction he chooses, with no one to answer to.

i know, after six years of bush's presidency, that i have become a bit paranoid but i can't help but believe that rove's resigning, just now, is no coincidence. i also know, in my gut, that his going after hillary clinton, at this time and with such vengeance, is not just a case of one man expressing his personal feelings, but of a well thought out plan to once again defeat the democrats. by rove demonizing clinton, he is forcing those democrats who may have been on the fence about her, to rise up in her support. i think that this is part of the evil plan. i think that rove and his followers believe, that of all the democratic hopefuls, hillary may very well be the most beatable. i think that rove has been freed from the constraints of the white house specifically to, once again, screw up a national election. i am confused because if i, who know very little about politics, has figured this out, than where are the people who should and do know better?

i want to help, i really do but i am only one woman and can do only so much. if there are others out there who are just as confused maybe we should all speak up. you think?