Saturday, August 11, 2007

the fate of knock-off's in new york

sitting in my canyon in los angeles, i am three thousand miles away from new york, my former home. from that vantage point, i am able to observe, from a distance, a very different new york than those who actually live in the naked city.

the other day i wrote about how the new york city council was trying to make the word bitch illegal. it was amusing to me in light of all that is going on in that great city, our country and the world as a whole. well, today i have more to report from the crack law makers in new york.

it seems, as reported in my trusty los angeles times, that senator charles schumer and representative jerold nadler, are attempting to pass the design piracy prohibition act. this, my friends, is a bill to make designer knock-off 's illegal. here's how it works. if you are too poor to shell out $3000 for say, a gucci purse, well tough luck. there will be no more street corner vendors willing to sell you the very same purse (perhaps plastic, not leather, but still...) for one hundredth of the price. if you are a teen-age girl, just dying to wear the same dress lindsay lohan wore on the red carpet (or in her mug shot), to her senior prom - too bad. if schumer and nadler have their way, that young girl could go to her prom naked before she could purchase a knock off, a la lindsay, in her local department store.

what is wrong with these people? have they never heard that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. where would hydrox be had they not knocked off oreos? and what about pepsi and coke and "law and order" and every other crime show on television? "who wants to be a millionaire" spawned a million new game shows this season and we won't even talk about "so you think you can dance" vs. "dancing with the stars" and we let's not even get into the "american idol" thing and it's offspring.

doesn't the senator know that there is nothing new under sun? instead of thinking of these fashion doppelgangers as knock off 's, one should just think of them as "inspired by" and give the poor working girl a break. not all of us were lucky enough to marry donald trump (maybe that's a bad example of being lucky - but you know what i mean) or have access to a trust fund. we still want pretty things and if they come from canal street, instead of fifth avenue, who cares. i have a hard time feeling sorry for the designer's who charge thousands of dollars for a purse and then cry foul when they are being copied. they should be grateful there are any woman out there, stupid enough and rich enough, to buy any of their stuff.

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