Tuesday, August 7, 2007

ain't that a bitch!

i just read today, in the new york times, that the new york city council is contemplating a proposal to make using the word bitch, against the law. now, i do realize, being a former new yorker, that new york is the center of the universe. i know that the city boasts the best theater, restaurants and museums. i have been told over and over again that the smartest people in the world live in new york and the rest of us just manage to scrap by on the other coast or, perish the thought, in the middle. new york is the trend setting state of the nation. just look what sex and the city (the city being, of course, new york) did for manolo blahnik and berkin bags.

setting a standard for music and art, food and fashion is one thing and i, for one, am grateful. without new yorkers telling me what to eat, wear and look at, i would be at a total loss, wandering around, naked and hungry, without a shred of culture to redeem me, but at some things i must draw the line.

bitch is a good word. it is a versatile word that can be spoken with anger or with affection. it can be humorous or it can be sarcastic. for example, "that bitch sybil posted a great picture of herself on our blog, without giving me any warning to get a photo of me, airbrushed and posted in time." now, you see what i mean? that is love and affection being spoken there. without bitch, the entire gay world would go mute. what better way could you describe an anorexic starlet than as a "skinny bitch?"

yes, new york, i will look to you for guidance, i will respect you and love you and even forgive you for giving the world rudy guiliani and judith nathan, but please, oh please, leave the bitch alone!