Monday, July 23, 2007

who needs terrorists?

i have made it my business, in the past few months, to try to avoid any and all exposure to the news media - it is just too damn depressing. my self imposed embargo requires that i watch no television, listen to no radio, read not a newspaper or magazine and only go on line to play literati and post my blog. i can't even chance reading my e mails anymore because you can be sure, that some well meaning friend, will have sent me and two hundred of their closest buddies a news report that was too awful not to pass on.

while george bush is scaring the country with dire predictions of al qaeda landing on our shores and doing untold damage to our homeland and our citizens, i suggest mr. bush take a good, long look at our own country and what we are doing to ourselves.

when last i looked, one-third of the west is on fire, new york is apparently collapsing due to the failure of centuries old infrastructure and the experts tell us that boston, philadelphia, san francsico and other large cities are soon to experience the same fate. while california is suffering from the longest drought in it's history, the south is under water. when last i looked many of the katrina victims have still not returned home and with another hurricane season on the way, who knows what is going to happen to all those people. the airline industry seem to be floundering and no one has yet to figure out what to do with the millions of illegal aliens that have made the u.s. their home. every day brings us a new scandal involving an elected official and it seems as though wife murdering has become our new national past time. in other words we are a mess.

last week, i must confess, i lifted my own t.v. embargo in order to watch "victoria beckham, coming to america". here's what i think. if victoria beckham, immigrating to beverly hills (on top of all the aforementioned disasters) doesn't spell the end of our civilization, as we know it, i don't know what does. osama ben laden can save himself and his buddies plane fare. all they have to do is pop a bucket of popcorn, turn on cnn and kick back and watch us destroy ourselves. it will be, i am sure, the highest rated show in tora bora.