Saturday, July 28, 2007

when all else fails...

as a woman of cleavage, i am getting a bit fed up over the fuss some of the media is making over the fact that hillary displayed an eighteenth of inch of cleavage during a speech last week. SO WHAT!!!!! when thinking of hillary, the last word that ever springs to mind is sexy. she is a sixty year old woman with the sex appeal of a grape. she is smart, canny and eloquent but sexy is not one of her strong suits. while this may cause a problem with bill, it is none of our business. secondly, ladies and gentlemen, hillary is a woman and the last time i checked, women have breasts. that is just a fact of life folks, so get over it. men have penises and women have breasts - fourth grade is over, so let's move on.

when i was thirteen years old i got my first bra. i will never forget the words of wisdom my mother imparted to me on that fateful day. i will share them with you now, women of the world, because i believe this is a motto we all should live by. whether you are in the bedroom, the boardroom or the oval office..."when all else fails, show cleavage".